Eating Unhealthy Foods is Not Your Fault!

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So, who’s fault is it?  Who’s to blame?  Is it the food commercials and advertisements that makes us desire unhealthy foods?  Or is it the government’s fault for not providing information about unhealthy foods?  Or is it the food manufacturers’ fault for adding unhealthy ingredients in their food products?  We can blame anyone or anything for our desire to eat unhealthy foods, but I’m going to let you off the hook by letting you know that  “Eating Unhealthy Foods Is Not Your Fault”.

Now let’s Get2dRoot of the problem.  According to Ahlstrom, Dinh, Haselton, and Tomiyama (2017), the Homeostatic and Hedonic systems are two internal mechanisms that governs our food desires and food intake.  The Homeostatic system maintains the balance of our food intake  and satisfies our body’s  energy levels. Our desire and taste for food  drives the Hedonic system.  This system is known as a survival mechanism; it helped our ancestors to survive when food was scarce, but in our present day food is more abundant and available, contributing to excessive over consumption of food. The Hedonic system motivates us to eat more sugary and energy dense (calorie rich) foods, which causes us to eat more calories than we need. The  consumption of these calorie rich foods promotes chronic food borne illnesses and diseases i.e. cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension, weight gain, and obesity.  Adopting a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle that contains Nutrient Dense foods from the earth can help us satisfy the Hedonic and Homeostatic systems, while providing  health and wellness at the same time.

Now that we know the reason for our food drive, let’s Get2dRoot and satisfy this innate system with health promoting foods by changing to a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle. Our Health is Our Wealth!

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