How often Can I have a Cheat Meal?

This is a question that is often asked by people that are partaking in some type of diet. Why do you think people are asking this question? Well, most diet plans are tied to deprivation, portion control restrictions, and elimination of Nutrient Dense Foods.

People believe that when they are on a diet, they are missing out on the goodies that they have grown so accustom to Love, so in order to gain success from their diet plan and keep their Sanity, people believe that they need to have a cheat meal of the ole goodies to keep them on the road to success.

However, cheat meals are not needed or recommended while living a Whole Food Plant-based Lifestyle. The Whole Foods themselves have the Nutrient content and Taste to Satisfy the palate and create a sense of fullness.

There is one important aspect that creates satiation (satisfaction) on a Whole Food Plant-based Lifestyle and that is allowing yourself to neuro-adapt to the Whole Food Plant-based way of eating. Neuro-Adaptation is the change of your sensory system in this case, your taste buds. When this process takes place, your taste receptors becomes more sensitive to food flavors and you will experience a whole new world of Food Satisfaction.

The Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle is a Cheat/Treat Meal all on its own.  No additional cheating needed, each meal is an indulgence! 🙂

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