HIIT LIVE Workout Vol. 18: “Wall Rendezvous”

Please pardon technology challenges! LOL Check out this full-body, strength & endurance routine. This heart pumping, sweat dripping workout will surely push you to your limit. No “challenge” – no “change”!

HIIT LIVE Vol. 12: Full Body “Glider” Workout

This Full-Functional, Full-Body workout will surely have you drenched in sweat from the very beginning! Minimal equipment needed. In fact so minimal that the equipment will be found in your kitchen! LOL

HIIT LIVE Vol. 10: Legs and Glutes Burner Workout

This is a Leg and Glute Burning Dumbell and Stretch Band Workout that will surely get your Heart Pumping. This workout is designed to Burn an Awesome amount of Fat while keeping you in your target heart rate zone.

HIIT LIVE Vol. 9: Upper Body Cardio Strength Workout

The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. Tap into your fat burning zone with this cardio driven strength building dumbbell routine. This workout is designed to push you to and beyond your target heart rate turning your body into an Efficient Fat Burning Machine.