Pills or Produce, which one do you choose?

We live in a society where there is a pill for every ailment, sickness, and health. Many people are not aware of the Power of Plant-Based foods to Heal, Repair, and Restore their health. Most pills are designed to treat symptoms and not Get2dRoot of chronic illnesses and diseases.

Many of Us are waiting for the next innovation in medicine/medical breakthrough for our healing and ailments. People often say things like, when will modern medicine find a cure for this disease or illness? Even if the medical community discovered some new wonder drug for an illness, we should be asking crucial questions to ensure that this type of treatment is best for Us. Dr. T. Colin Campbell stated in his book “Whole” that there are three questions a person should ask before taking any medication. First, “How quickly does it work”? Second, “How many health issues does it help to solve”? And Third, “How much will my health improve”? I would like to add one more question, ” Do I have to take pills for the rest of my life”? There is a difference between being healed and just balancing, masking, or bandaging a health problem.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was quite clear when he said that food is a factor in healing (Layne, 2017).  My definition of healing says I should not have to consume any prescription drugs to be cured; just food, water, exercise, and rest for optimum health and wellness.  So, in the world of healing and health, which would you choose Pills or Produce? I choose Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition, the produce aisle, for optimal health and wellness because it addresses the “root cause” of chronic illnesses and diseases.

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