This is the perfect drink to warm you up in the cold winter months! I am ecstatic because the kiddos are requesting this over hot


Real Ketchup that tastes really good with no added sugar or salt!  Yes, no added salt or sugar but full of flavor!  

HIIT Live Vol. 34: “Leg Domination”

Check out this cardio and leg-burning routine that is sure to sculpt and define every muscle fiber in your legs. This cardio and strength routine is second to none. 

HIIT LIVE VOL. 31: “5 Rep Burnout”

The work doesn’t begin until we get tired! This “5-Rep Burnout Routine” will take you to the tip of “failure”. But “Dig Deep” and push thru to the end.

HIIT Live Vol. 29: Kettlebell Explosion

Join in on this fun-filled, sweat dripping, muscle exhausting Kettlebell routine that will challenge every muscle fiber in your body. Don’t have a kettlebell, no worries. Just use a gallon of water and get the #Gritwork done! 🙂

Mashed potatoes-n-gravy

Mashed potatoes and gravy is one of our favorite comfort foods. These are the best on this side of comfort food heaven.