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  1. Vibeke Vale says:

    I’m fairly new to exercising. I’ve been walking daily for two months, usually about 5 km a day. I’ve started doing your workouts every other day and on the other days doing small 10-minute workouts either upper or lower body or just stretching. Is this enough or could I do one of your workouts every day?

    1. Willie Scott says:

      Hello Vibeke, I like your current plan. If you are new to working out, doing our workouts every other day is perfect. I also like that you have incorporated other movement activities that you like. The key to working out is that you do routines that you enjoy. If you are enjoying the routines you will continue to do them. Congratulations on your new-found friend (The Workouts) and your step into the land of unfamiliar :). Reach out if you have any more questions. Take care!

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