Pills or Produce, which one do you choose?

We live in a society where there is a pill for every ailment, sickness, and health. Many people are not aware of the Power of Plant-Based foods to Heal, Repair, and Restore their health. Most pills are designed to treat symptoms and not Get2dRoot of chronic illnesses and diseases.

Eating Unhealthy Foods is Not Your Fault!

So, who’s fault is it?  Who’s to blame?  Is it the food commercials and advertisements that makes us desire unhealthy foods?  Or is it the government’s fault for not providing information about unhealthy foods?  Or is it the food manufacturers’ fault for adding unhealthy

Wholesome Recipes

The key to living a Whole Food Plant Based lifestlye is having recipes that are simple, tasty, filling and nutrient dense!  Often times it is believed that expensive, hard to find ingredients are needed to make delicious plant based dishes.  Well, guess what –  not true!  Some of the most delicious meals have the most…

What is more important Exercise or Diet?

Many people feel that they cannot lose weight unless they have a gym membership, working out, or have a personal trainer. Some people feel that exercising is the Holy Grail for weight loss, but I’ve