Lentil & Quinoa Taco Meat (Vegan, Nut & Oil-Free)

Are you looking for a healthy, plant-based alternative to ground beef for Tacos? Well, look no further. Lentils & Quinoa are both high in protein and low in fat making them both the perfect healthy and delicious alternative for your Tacos. Add all of your favorite Taco toppings and you will be in Taco heaven!…

Vegan Bacon Bits (2 Oil-Free Options)

Yes, finally! Vegan and oil-free Bacon Bits! You have two plant-based options to choose from Coconut Bacon Flakes or TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein which is simply defatted soy flour). These plant-based bacon bits are crunchy and full of bacon flavor, with a touch of sweetness. They are the perfect addition to any soup, salad, potato,…


When I think of slaw, I think of simple, healthy, tasty ingredients that come together quickly resulting in the perfect sweet and savory side dish or main dish for any meal. Well, this Brussels Sprout Slaw hits the mark!

“Instant Pot” Oat Groats

What are Oat Groats? Oat Groats are the whole, unprocessed form of the Oat grain. The most popular forms are Rolled Oats, Steel Cut, Quick Cuts, or even Oat flour, but the healthiest form of the grain is the Oat Groat.

Kale Burgers/bites

I love plant-based burgers! I really love plant-based burgers with Kale! These Kale Burgers/Bites are full of veggies and flavor! Burgers worth living for!


Do you have a can of chickpeas?  Well, you have a quick and easy plant-based meal. Yes, Hummus (pureed chickpeas) is one of the simplest and tastiest plant-based dishes. You can dip it, spread, and mix it in whatever your heart desires.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy hummus is on a L.A.T.O (Lettuce,…


I don’t know too many people who don’t like Sloppy Joes! Well, this plant-based version will not disappoint! These Lentil Sloppy Joes have become a family favorite – having them at least twice a week!


Cheezy plus crunchy equals good!  These chips hit a home run with the kiddos!  And of course, mom approves!