Watermelon and Arugula Salad (Oil-Free and Dairy-Free)

It’s the summertime and we love Watermelon. We also love Baby Arugula. Who would have thought that Watermelon and Arugula would go well together, but they do! The sweetness of the Watermelon and the savoriness of the Arugula result in this amazing, delicious, and refreshing salad. The perfect combination on any hot summer day! Simple…


When I think of slaw, I think of simple, healthy, tasty ingredients that come together quickly resulting in the perfect sweet and savory side dish or main dish for any meal. Well, this Brussels Sprout Slaw hits the mark!


I love Coleslaw. Getting my kiddos to eat raw veggies, especially dark leafy raw veggies is challenging. Or should I say was a challenge until now. This Creamy Kaleslaw hit a home run with kiddos and mom approves!